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I Purchased My First Firearm. Now What?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022


If you haven’t already, your first step following your firearm purchase, is booking a training session. To be blunt, reading the user manual and watching YouTube videos is highly insufficient to prevent injury. The feedback an instructor provides during training is something that a video can never give you. Beyond hazards, an untrained shooter often develops a multitude of bad habits that must be undone.

These are the top reasons why one of your most important steps in gun ownership is investing in firearm instruction with a professional instructor.

Yes, training is an expense but so was the purchase of your firearm. Ultimately, untrained individuals will spend countless dollars in ammunition trying to get better when all they really needed was the proper instruction in the first place. You can’t throw more bullets at the target and hope it gets better when you don’t have the fundamentals. Over the long haul, a trained shooter will find they waste far less ammunition than those who have not received the proper training in the initial phase.

Go Practice

Once you receive training, and if you are able to safely do so, go practice as soon as possible directly after your session with the instructor. I recommend students go and practice that same week, if not the following day. If time, and money permit, go once a week for three weeks then once every two weeks for a month. After that, once a month to maintain your skills. You don’t have to fire lots of rounds. Just do enough to stimulate your memory and reinforce the fundamental. Shooting is a perishable skill. Much like a foreign language, if you don't use it, you will loose it.

For training on how to improve your skills, connect with me or a reputable instructor in your area. You can find me online at

Have fun and be safe!

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