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Constitutional Carry & The Concealed Carry Class

Following suit with many other pro-gun states, Florida is likely to institute constitutional carry in the near future. With that in mind, many who have not yet completed their concealed carry class but yet want to wish to conceal carry, are potentially considering skipping the class all together. Initially it makes sense that the concealed carry class will not be necessary since constitutional carry will allow them to conceal a firearm legally without a license. The reasoning behind this is a bit faulty, in my humble opinion. I'll briefly explain why.

First, my position on this stems from having educated many people through my years of providing concealed carry classes. To that point, the content of a quality concealed carry class goes well beyond topics that relate to the license and being licensed to carry. For example, in my class I go into detail about what justifiable self-defense is and the intense responsibility of that carrying a firearm for self-defense holds. The burden that we accept if we determine we need to use our firearm to defend our lives, is one a heavy one with great implications.

It must be understood that the CWL does not give you any more right to use your firearm. It is not a junior police officer badge. That must be made clear. All the license does is provide you have the right to carry a firearm in public, legally. That's it. The license prevents you from breaking the law by carrying your gun concealed.

All the constitutional carry does is eliminate the need for you to be licensed to conceal your firearm in public, but the responsibility to know an obey the laws that pertain to the firearm and self-defense will remain your obligation to know. Being educated on the legal considerations in the use of the firearm for self-defense is still critical. Sitting through a concealed carry class usually gets people thinking about legal, mental, and physical implications of using a firearm as part of their self-defense plan.

So if you are considering delaying your class in anticipation of incoming constitutional carry freedoms, I encourage you to realize the value of the concealed carry class, and not skip it. You won't regret the education you receive as a result of it.

If you are considering a concealed carry class, and are in the Volusia County or surrounding areas, please reach out to me at .

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