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Intro to Handguns Workshop


This fun one day class, is a comprehensive introduction to handguns including gun safety, operation, marksmanship, and gun range etiquette that prepares you for the fundamentals of self-defense and or recreational shooting at the range. This course is approximately 3-4 hours in duration. Before firing your first shot, you will receive a full introduction to gun safety and gun handling. This fosters confidence in the student as they will already received a review of firearm operation prior to engaging in the live fire session. As safety and quality of instruction is the highest concern, each student receives one on one instructor guidance during the class, when working with a loaded firearm.

The class is held outside at Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club in New Smyrna Beach, FL.
Note: You are not required to have a firearm to complete the class, however if you have a handgun, it is highly recommended to do so in order to take advantage of learning your particular pistol. The firearm must be unloaded, and secured in a bag case or box upon arrival. 
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