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About Me


Although I began shooting firearms as early as 4 or 5 years of age, it was in my teen years that I became skilled with firearms. At the age of 14, I was tasked with removing nuisance animals found corrupting the chicken coop, field and pond. My endeavors began first the pistol, then rifle, and finally shotgun. Seeing the outcome of my hunts, I developed a greater respect for life, death, and the responsibility of firearms use.

By age 16, I had successfully completed the NRA

Basic Pistol Course. As soon as I was of legal age,

I received my Concealed Carry permit. I was

living in the Northwest and completing my college

education by then. During those years, I hunted in

the Bitter Root Mountains for turkey, and grouse

while encountering bear, moose, elk, and mountain

lions along the way.

Years later, a fellow employee prompted me to

take a female co-worker to the gun range to shoot for the

first time. She and I were practically strangers, but given my passion for guns, I agreed

without thinking. When we met at the gun range I couldn’t help but notice her apprehension. I knew I could not let her down – and I didn’t. I found instructing to be surprisingly enjoyable and natural for me. That was my epiphany moment.


Later that year, I became a Certified NRA Instructor.


When not instructing, I enjoy spending time with friends, hiking, fishing, participating in shooting matches, and going to the beach. I also enjoy spending time with God, who in a funny twist of fate, revealed to me my ‘gift’ for instruction.

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