“Can’t tell you how much we both enjoyed the workshop. Not knowing what to expect, it exceeded all our expectations. As an instructor, we found you to be knowledgeable, patient and kind and just a delight with the right amount of encouragement and professional in every way. Thank you for the PDF files, as they are very helpful for review. We look forward to meeting you again soon at the gun range to continue our shooting experience and improvement. Both my friend and I thank you so much for making an intimidating journey fun."



Palm Coast


"Sherry taught the NRA Basic Firearm Safety class that my wife and I attended. Sherry is a top notch instructor and is obsessive with safety when handling firearms at home or on the range. I would highly recommend Sherry if your needs are any of the classes listed or if you want to have a fun, safe time at the range."


Tom B.

Daytona Beach

"Shooting with Sherry has been an incredible experience! When I first decided to take this course, I was nervous because I hadn't been around guns before and had a "fear" of them. By taking this course though, Sherry helped to turn that fear into a "respect." She was very knowledgeable, down to earth, and funny! I especially enjoyed that she took her time and didn't mind answering my questions, as there were many! She even brought an array of pistols and revolvers so I could handle them and learn about them using a hands-on technique. She made me feel safe and explained ammo/guns in such a way that a newbie like me could understand. She was really phenomenal! I highly recommend this course and her instruction for anyone who wants to become comfortable around guns as well as knowledgeable about them."

Diane E.

Port Orange









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