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Firearm Instruction


As firearm instructor for over 9 years, I have provided instruction for beginner to advanced students, which have included men, women and children.  Below is a progressive plan for your educational journey, depending on your personal needs.

The Concealed Carry Defender:

Basic Pistol Workshop

Concealed Carry New Smyrna

Private Shooting Lessons

Drawing from Concealment

*Note: The above order of class completion is highly recommended but not required for all future classes. 

** The Drawing from Concealment Prep class is ONLY available to those who can demonstrate safe operation of a firearm and possess an active concealed weapons license


Skill Building:

Basic Pistol Workshop

Private Shooting Lessons
Advanced Pistol Workshop
Live Fire Transition Shooting 

Critical Marksmanship Workshop


Private Shooting Instruction options include:

Refresher Training

Private Shooting Lessons

Dynamic Shooting Drills

Minors & Family:

Youth Gun Safety Workshop

Family Gun Safety Workshop


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