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Advanced Concealed Carry

This class will bring together concealed carry lecture along with the application of drawing from concealment. Going further on legal implications as well as adding new dynamic firearm drills, the goal of this class is to create a more realistic application of what we might face in a real life deadly encounter, and how to address that threat, with legal implications in mind. This class will include the following topics:

  • Situational Awareness

  • De-escalation

  • Preparing for Defense

  • Use verbal Commands

  • Scanning for Threat

  • Shoot/no Shoot Scenarios

  • Stopping the Threat

  • The Aftermath

Live fire exercises will include:

  • Drawing from Concealment

  • Moving and Shooting

  • Use of Cover/Concealment

  • Magazine Changes

  • Malfunction Clearances

  • Defensive Drills

To attend this class, the student must demonstrate solid safety skills and be able to efficiently operate their gun during live fire.

This class is ONLY available to those who have already lawfully obtained their CWL (concealed weapons license). All students are expected to present proof of their license to join the class. The license must be current, not expired, and not revoked.

All students will bring their own gear, firearm, and approx 200 rounds of factory ammunition appropriate for their firearm. Target ammunition is fine. No need to bring your defensive ammunition unless you would like to try it out during the course. 

Required Gear:

  • Belt

  • Gun

  • Holster

  • Magazine(s)

  • Magazine pouch(s)

  • Ammunition


ALL students must bring a holster and belt regardless of other carry systems they use. Students with a belt and holster carry system experience the greatest results in the class. Be sure that your carry holster was chosen to match your hand dominance and IWB (In the Waist Band). OWB (Out of the Waist Band) is fine if you have a cover garment to conceal the gun.

Those who use a belly band, please be sure it is quality gear that will withstand the length of the course. 

Recommended Items:

The class is held entirely outside, under and out of cover. We shoot rain or shine. Please be sure to bring something to drink and eat. Wear appropriate apparel for the weather and outdoor activity. I recommend rain gear such as a poncho, rain coat, umbrella if you wish. Feel free to bring folding chairs, coolers, etc.

Student apparel needs for the class include: baseball caps, t-shirts, sturdy belt, and belt looped pants, and closed toed shoes are required. Wear something you don't mind getting dirt on.

Prior to class, students must contact me to let me know the manufacturer, model and caliber of their carry gun.


Heavy emphasis will be placed on gun safety throughout the class.

All firearms must be empty and enclosed in a bag, case, or box upon arrival for training.

#1: DO NOT arrive with your firearm loaded.

#2: DO NOT arrive carrying the firearm in your carry position.

#3: DO NOT bring old, remanned, reloaded, or improperly stored ammunition.

#4: DO NOT bring old, damaged, poorly maintained firearms.

Any student unable or unwilling to follow directions, or who does not appear to be of sound mind, will be removed from the class for the safety of all.


Tuition for the class is $250. Pre-payment is expected but in some cases, payment can be made in person by cash or check. Unless otherwise noted, this class is held at Volusia County Gun Club in New Smyrna. Start time is 10am and end is approximately 3:30. Please be sure to PACK A LUNCH and beverages as needed.

In the case of inclement weather, class may be rescheduled at the discretion of the instructor. Those who cannot reschedule following a class cancellation by instructor, will receive a full refund.

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